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Kaleigh Caver has always been passionate about creating stunning hairstyles and flawless faces. For years, she used every single one of her vacation days to begin her own special event styling business. When her hair and makeup empire began to grow beyond the limitations of her 9-5 job, however, she knew it was time for a change—she just didn’t expect that change to come the way it did. While styling for a photoshoot, a model happened to mention to Kaleigh that she also worked as an airline stewardess.


“She shared all of the benefits of working for an airline,” says Kaleigh, “and I thought, ‘Why am I stuck at a desk?’”


Soon after, Kaleigh “flew the cube” and started training to become a certified stewardess with a major airline. And voila! The Styling Stewardess officially launched.


“Being a stewardess went hand-in-hand with my hair and makeup business,” shares Kaleigh of the company’s beginnings. Although she left her career as a stewardess in the spring of 2016 to focus on her hair and makeup business full time, “The Styling Stewardess” brand is here to stay. “I was constantly exposed to new locations while flying, which helped grow the destination event aspect of my business. I love that we’re now known as a go-to styling team in Dallas and for events that require travel!”


Since the launch of The Styling Stewardess, Kaleigh and crew have styled countless brides, wedding party members, models, Miss Texas and Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen contestants, and other fabulous clients. Although based in Dallas, Texas, the team has traveled as far as Maui, Hawaii, La Jolla, California, San Miguel, Mexico, and Jaco, Costa Rica to achieve the perfect look for their clients. They look forward to stamping their passports with many more event destinations in the future!

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KALEIGH | Founder, The Styling Stewardess


Working as an airline stewardess helped launch the destination aspect of my business. Although I’m no longer flying, our team is known for providing first class styling in Dallas and across the globe!



RACHEL | Stylist











Kaleigh-Headshot1 (1).jpg


Founder/CEO, Manager

Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

DREAM WEDDING LOCALE: I'm excited about the possibility of working a Greek wedding! I love learning about the traditions associated with weddings in different cultures. There's also still so much to see and explore in my own backyard here in Dallas when it comes to weddings—I love stumbling upon locations I hadn't previously known about. They can be just as meaningful and beautiful as Greece!


IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: I would love to style Miranda Kerr. She has such striking features and can pull off any look as a model, from super sultry to girl-next-door. Also Jessica Simpson, because she's my celebrity idol!


INSPIRED BY: Avant-garde fashion. I love taking challenging high fashion looks that are unique and different and turning them into something that's more mainstream and wearable.


IF I'M NOT STYLING, I'M: Spending time with my husband—we’ve remodeled most of our home together, and have designed and built several custom furniture pieces together as well—loving on my dogs, or working out. Although it's not something I get to do regularly, I love to dance. It's an amazing workout, so I dance in my downtime!



Marketing Manager

Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

Dance has always played an important role in Mia’s life, so it makes sense that her career as a pro dancer served as her entry point into the world of pro styling! “I first began working with hair and makeup during my years as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader,” shares Mia. “I learned a lot from the makeup artists during photo shoots and by practicing on myself to prepare for game days and appearances. I learned not only how to do makeup, but how to do makeup that lasts!” Although she does more highlighting than high kicks these days, Mia continues to coach other women to achieve their Pro dance dreams when she’s not working a wedding or event. Outside of these commitments, you’ll find her spending time with her husband and precious baby girls, exploring her city and beyond with her friends and family, and putting extra miles on her running shoes—she’s already completed several half marathons, with ambitions to finish a full!  




IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY:  I would love to style any of the Victoria’s Secret models! I love the diversity among the women and the bronzed, glowing and glamorous style of their look!


STYLING SPECIALTY: I think everyone has such gorgeous eyes and it is so much fun for me to play up each unique eye with shadow and lashes. When it comes to hair, big voluminous curls from pin curling are my favorite.



Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

A dance and performance background gave Holly the chance to hone her hair and makeup skills for the stage—a talent she now applies to Styling Stewardess clients preparing to step into the spotlight at their own wedding or special event. “Growing up as a dancer and having three sisters, there was always a recital, competition, or school dance in our house!” says Holly. “I have always been a go-to person for friends and family for beauty advice and love to experiment with new beauty products and trends.” As a Styling Stewardess crew member, Holly has become a go-to for clients craving tousled beach waves or perfectly-applied highlighter. After wrapping a wedding or event, she’s most likely to be found spending time with family and friends, shopping, dancing, or adding a few extra stamps to her passport while traveling. 




IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: I'd choose Julianne Hough. She has been my girl crush for years!


FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE: I love to bring out a client’s eyes.



Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

Sharon has been pursuing the art of beauty for more than 30 years, a career that began at the Cosmetology Career Center of Dallas and most recently led her to come aboard with The Styling Stewardess crew! When it comes to hair, Sharon loves adding volume and texture to classic hair styles, and never tires of accentuating her clients’ eyes with subtle and dramatic makeup applications alike. Since Sharon loves crafting delicious meals and discovering new restaurants, it’s no surprise that her dream client is celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis. When she’s not busy creating the perfect look for a special event, the mom of four can be found enjoying time with her family and being YaYa-Lollie to her five amazing grandchildren.


BEAUTY TREND I LOVE: Hair extensions to add length, volume, texture, and color.


IF I'M NOT STYLING, I'M: Enjoying the simple things in life, like being a steward of my family, creating and cooking meals, going out to discover new ethnic food restaurants, and sitting on my brother’s back porch enjoying early morning coffee with my father.


FUN FACTS: I'm the mother of three daughters and one son. They are my very best friends! I grew up second youngest in a family of 10 children in North East Iowa. I'm also the oldest on The Styling Stewardess team!



Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

Monica graduated from Paul Mitchell The School in 2010, but her interest in the beauty industry dates back much further. “From a young age my mom subscribed me to Glamour magazine because I loved reading about celebrity hair and makeup trends,” she says. After putting her styling skills to the test as member of her high school drill team, Monica continued to learn new techniques from popular YouTube beauty gurus before going pro herself. As the owner of two pups named Kimmy and Khloe, it’s no surprise that Monica’s dream client is none other than Kim Kardashian. When she isn’t styling or doing makeup, Monica is most likely to be found spending time with her daughter, boyfriend, and her favorite Kardashians…her miniature poodles! 


DREAM WEDDING LOCALE: The Maldives is my personal dream wedding destination, but I’d love to style an event in Paris, France.


FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE: The eyes! I love reassuring my clients and encouraging them to play with colors that will enhance their eyes. I also enjoy contouring and highlighting to emphasize natural facial features.


FUN FACTS: I was born and raised in Denton, Texas. I like trying out new restaurants and different foods, and my addiction is Sephora!



Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

Bailey is a Dallas-based hair and makeup artist extraordinaire with 10 years of experience in the industry. She combines her creativity, passion, and time-honed skills to help her clients refine their unique beauty. Bailey’s philosophy for her clients is simple: “you, but better.” So when it comes to doing hair and makeup for a wedding or special event, her aim is to a create a beautiful, classic look that makes her client feel like the very best version of herself!

DREAM WEDDING LOCALE: “Anywhere there is sun, surf and sand. I adore the sunshine and warm weather and especially love creating light and airy makeup looks for beach brides!”


IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: “Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. I adore them! And not only because they are a gorgeous celeb power couple but because of how real they are about marriage and family.”



Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

For the past ten years, Speshal has been learning about the beauty industry through her work with salons and personal passion for makeup. Speshal began cultivating her skills in styling camera-ready makeup at the Terri Tomlinson Makeup Training Academy in Dallas in 2014. As a member of the Styling Stewardess crew, she specializes in creating looks that accentuate her clients’ skin with immaculate results! When she’s not blending a flawless contour or creating the perfect brow, you’re likely to find Speshal cooking up a good meal, racking up strikes at the bowling alley, or playing with her Mini Schnauzer, Pepper.

DREAM CLIENT: Olivia Munn! She’s always been so gorgeous and she seems so down to earth. I feel like we wouldn’t stop laughing.

DREAM WEDDING LOCALE: I would love to do a wedding in New Zealand! It looks so beautiful and I want to see where they shot The Lord of The Rings.

BEAUTY TREND I LOVE: I love contouring. Being able to accentuate the structure of the face is so satisfying.



Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

Jenna lived in Orange County, California until the age of 16, when her military family made a move from the The Golden State to South Korea. While her first foray into styling took place during high school, it was meeting the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, who were in South Korea for a USO tour, that ultimately inspired her future career as both an NFL cheerleader and a professional hair and makeup artist! Having danced with the DCC organization for six seasons, dancing continues to be one of Jenna’s passions. If she’s not styling or dancing, you’ll find her exploring the outdoors, traveling, or spending time with her very global crew of three pets—each hails from a different location Jenna has lived in!

DREAM CLIENT: Jennifer Lopez

I LOVE TO EMPHASIZE: I have 2 favorite facial features to emphasize when doing makeup. I think the eyes are he window to the soul so I love to showcase a beautiful eye and I love emphasizing lips. There’s something about that perfect lip color that is so feminine and beautiful.

TREND I'M LOVING: My favorite trend I’m loving in the beauty world right now is lashes! Lashes can change a face so much. I myself get lash extensions and I couldn’t live without them!



Lead Hair & Makeup Stylist

Anabelle's love for beauty is what inspired her to educate herself in the art of hair and makeup. With nearly 10 years of styling experience, much of Anabelle's education came from courses refining her skill through the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy. "I have just always had a passion for the beauty industry, so decided to go to hair school", says Anabelle. Aside from styling hair, Anabelle also has 8 years of experience as a makeup artist. When Anabelle isn't crafting her favorite sleek updos or fluffy brows, she is sitting on the patio enjoying wine with her husband and spending quality time with her two sons!

DREAM WEDDING LOCALE: Italy, definitely!


IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: Lily Collins, her brows are magic!


FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE: Definitely brows, cheeks and lips

BEAUTY TREND I LOVE: The fluffy brows and lots of blush!

Dallas hair and makeup.jpg


Makeup Stylist

Allison has been styling professionally for several years now, but her fascination with hair and makeup dates back much further than that. “I’ve loved makeup as far back as I can remember. ​I would run home from school and slap on my mom’s red lipstick and just stare at my lips in the mirror,” Allison says. As she got older, beauty gurus on YouTube became a go-to source of inspiration that helped turn her passion into a profession. Emphasizing eye color and giving skin a fresh, dewy appearance are some of Allison’s ​preferred ​makeup techniques. In addition to spending time with her young daughter and family, Allison ​​enjoys shopping, discovering new restaurants (particularly if they’re dishing up Italian food), and enjoying a good movie​ at home​ during her free time.

DREAM WEDDING LOCALE: I fall in love with almost every wedding venue I see, however I think Greece is a top contender for me. European and tropical, what more could you ask for?


FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE: ​I love enhancing the eyes to make my clients' eye color pop!

IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: Beyonce. She’s so beautiful and could pull off any look!



Makeup Stylist

Since she was little, Nastaran was always the go-to make up girl for friends and family who wanted to be glammed up and feel gorgeous. She didn’t start to work professionally in the industry until her husband encouraged her to pursue the art as a career. Six years since her first job at Sephora, Nastaran has had the opportunity to work with industry greats and for brands like Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, Chanel, and Charlotte Tilbury. When she’s not styling, Nastaran can usually be found with her husband decorating their new home or baking muffins with their two-year-old son.

DREAM CLIENT: Probably really cliché, but Kim Kardashian. She has the best features and I love her makeup style.

I LOVE TO EMPHASIZE: I love a good smoky eye! Eyeshadow is my favorite and there are so many fun colors to play around with.

TREND I'M LOVING: I have been loving the matte, bright pink blush trend, I think it’s so pretty and youthful.



Hair Stylist

Originally from Double Oak, Texas, Kaylee found her calling as a stylist while she was working in property management. On occasion, she would bring in her curling iron to work and curl and braid her coworkers’ hair—even her boss!


After experiencing Kaylee’s styling talent firsthand, her boss knew she was in the wrong profession and encouraged her to go to cosmetology school. Nearly a week later, she enrolled at the Salon Professional Academy. She now has seven years of professional styling experience under her belt and counting! 


When she’s not busy making our clients look amazing, Kaylee is most likely to be found spending time with her family. Enjoying the outdoors or traveling to hit the slopes during the winter are among her favorite activities!

IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY:   I absolutely love Halloween and special effects makeup. If I could style any celeb, it would be Lady Gaga—specifically early-days Lady Gaga. I think she would be a blast to hang out with and would be down for a look that’s crazy and out of the ordinary!

FAVORITE HAIR STYLE: I love a wispy, undone updo and big boho braids.

TREND I'M LOVING: Fun colored hair, from rose gold balayage to rainbows!



Makeup Stylist

Ericka’s passion for beauty began in high school while giving makeovers to friends and family. She loved the fact that styling helps impart confidence and makes others feel beautiful inside and out, which inspired her to study cosmetology. Ericka went on to receive certifications from the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles and the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry in Fort Lauderdale. She’s been doing makeup ever since for nine years and counting!


When Ericka isn’t beautifying our clients, she’s spending time improving her skills—she loves taking cosmetology courses and putting her own spin on YouTube makeup trends. Outside of the SS office, you’ll find her painting, singing, creating crafts with her three kiddos, or spending time with her husband. There’s nothing her family loves more than traveling together and having cozy movie nights with their puppy, Oreo.

DREAM WEDDING LOCALE: Greece! I have always been infatuated with Greek architecture and culture. If I never get the opportunity to be booked for a wedding there, I’ll somehow have to talk my husband into taking me!


IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: Alicia Keys or Sandra Bullock because they both seem so down-to-earth and genuine. I’d love to be able to have a conversation with either of them! They are both absolutely beautiful with stunning features as well, so I would really enjoy making them up.


FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE: I have an obsession with brows. I feel like they frame the entire face, and they can either make or break a look. I also love accentuating lips! Whether my client wants a bold shade or something nude, I love creating that perfect pout.

FUN FACTS: I am originally from New Jersey. My parents moved my family here when I was 15 so they could start their own business. Watching them grow their business from the ground up inspired me to start my career in makeup.



Hair Stylist

Ruby's inspiration to pursue hair and makeup styling began at a young age. After watching her mom and sister work to earn their cosmetology license, Ruby knew that's what she wanted to do. 'It truly inspired me. When I got the opportunity to take the same course, I was extremely excited!', says Ruby. Creating intricate braids is Ruby's specialty, but when she is not styling, you'll find her flipping homes with her fiance and singing songs from Disney movies with her daughter...the current favorite is Encanto!



IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: Adrienne Houghton because I love her style and she is absolutely stunning.

FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE:'s definitely the most important


BEAUTY TREND I LOVE: Hollywood waves...I love the elegance



Hair & Makeup Stylist

Growing up in the dance world, Claire has always had an interest in styling. 'Hair and makeup has always been a big part of my life and has grown to be a passion of mine', says Claire. She continues, 'When I was in High School, I collected over 50 lipsticks!'. It is no surprise that Claire has been the go-to person to style all of her family and friends for special events! Claire is a current member of the Dallas Stars Ice Girls and brings her knowledge of a long-lasting look to all of her hair and makeup styling.



IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: Kacey Musgraves. She is just so fabulous and seems so down to she's a Texas girl!


FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE: Eyes. I make sure the colors I am using make the eyes pop!

HAIR STYLING SPECIALTY: Boho/textured low bun or ponytail with face framing pieces

BEAUTY TREND I LOVE: Natural, thick eyebrows and a slight wing liner look using dark brown eyeshadow



Makeup Stylist

Jessica's talent for styling began with her interest as a child and grew through her career as a theatrical performer, singer and dancer. "I've loved doing hair and makeup since I could remember, but was really inspired helping friends get ready for events, performances and gamedays", says Jessica. Jessica's impressive resume includes several years as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Winner of the 2017 NYX Face Awards Beauty Vlogger Of The Year! In her free time, Jessica loves to join theatre productions, direct the Dallas division of USA Cheerleaders and be "mommy" to her two precious girls!



IF I COULD STYLE ANY CELEBRITY: Jennifer Lopez! I'm absolutely obsessed with her natural beauty and glowing skin! She's also not afraid of fun, bold makeup looks.


FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE: Skin. I feel like if you can make the skin flawless, the rest all falls into place.

HAIR STYLING SPECIALTY: Mermaid Curls and accent braids

BEAUTY TREND I LOVE: Fox Eye eyeshadow with brown shadows - so glamorous!



Makeup Stylist

Maybel's breakthrough into makeup styling began with years of training from elite artists in the industry. Through courses in Houston and Dallas, Maybel has sharpened her skills and widened her range beyond bridal styling. In her 10 years of experience, Maybel has also had the opportunity to work in editorial shoots, film and stage makeup with some of her work landing in publications such as Brides of North Texas. Maybel begins every styling opportunity with the same goal in mind - showcase individual beauty. Maybel says, "The beauty is already there. I know this and can see it, but it's my job to make them believe it".





FAVORITE FACIAL FEATURE: I love to style the eyes

BEAUTY TREND I LOVE: Flawless, glowy skin!

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