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Kaleigh Caver has always been passionate about creating stunning hairstyles and flawless faces. For years, she used every single one of her vacation days to begin her own special event styling business. When her hair and makeup empire began to grow beyond the limitations of her 9-5 job, however, she knew it was time for a change—she just didn’t expect that change to come the way it did. While styling for a photoshoot, a model happened to mention to Kaleigh that she also worked as an airline stewardess.


“She shared all of the benefits of working for an airline,” says Kaleigh, “and I thought, ‘Why am I stuck at a desk?’”


Soon after, Kaleigh “flew the cube” and started training to become a certified stewardess with a major airline. And voila! The Styling Stewardess officially launched.


“Being a stewardess went hand-in-hand with my hair and makeup business,” shares Kaleigh of the company’s beginnings. Although she left her career as a stewardess in the spring of 2016 to focus on her hair and makeup business full time, “The Styling Stewardess” brand is here to stay. “I was constantly exposed to new locations while flying, which helped grow the destination event aspect of my business. I love that we’re now known as a go-to styling team in Dallas and for events that require travel!”


Since the launch of The Styling Stewardess, Kaleigh and crew have styled countless brides, wedding party members, models, Miss Texas and Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen contestants, and other fabulous clients. Although based in Dallas, Texas, the team has traveled as far as Maui to Paris and many destinations worldwide to achieve the perfect look for their clients. They look forward to stamping their passports with many more event destinations in the future!


Working as an airline stewardess helped launch the destination aspect of my business. Although I’m no longer flying, our team is known for providing first class styling in Dallas and across the globe!



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