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My bridesmaids are paying for their own hair and makeup services. Can they pay you directly?

To keep things streamlined we only accept payment directly from the bride, meaning it is your responsibility to collect payment from all bridesmaids.


How should I arrive for my hair styling appointment?

Arrive with your hair clean and dry—no wet hair, please. If you're planning on wearing extensions, please arrive with those already in your hair.


Do I need to bring my own makeup?

Just bring yourself—our team will provide all of the hair and makeup products needed to get you glam!


Are false lashes included in the makeup prices?


Is a trial run included with the bridal services I booked?

Trial runs are not included with booked bridal services, but are available for an additional fee. These appointments aren’t mandatory, but we do highly recommended them to ensure that you’re confident in the look we’ll be creating for your special event!

How many stylists will be at my event, and how many services will each stylist provide?

3 stylistsYou will work with your the Manager to create a hair and makeup schedule that best suits your needs. From there, you and the Manager will discuss how many additional stylists might be needed in order to accommodate your party’s headcount.


Is there a fee for starting early in the morning?

For getting ready schedules beginning before 5:30am, either a hotel stay for the night prior OR an early morning fee, whichever you prefer and work out with your manager, will be required for the stylists. Otherwise, there is no fee and we’ll see you bright and early (most likely with a Starbucks in hand)!


What is the "House Party" considered on your list of services?

Any one that is receiving services and are not the Bride are considered "Attendants" and will fall under Attendant pricing. Flower Girls might have separate pricing.


Why are different costs associated with booking styling services for the Bride, Bridesmaids, and Mother of the Bride?

Our prices vary based on the amount of time we allocate for styling each member of the wedding party. We spend the largest amount of time on the bride—it’s her day to shine! Next comes mom and those beautiful bridesmaids!

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