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Stylist Snapshots: Meet Barby

Barby is a living example of “like mother, like daughter.” While growing up in Denton, Texas, she was introduced to the beauty industry at a young age by her mom, a cosmetologist who has been honing her skills for the last 30 years. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Barby received her own cosmetology license from Denton High School in 2013 and has been pursuing her passion for all things beauty-related ever since. Not content to rest on her past achievements, Barby continually seeks to improve her work so that she can provide the very best services for her clients!

Fun facts about Barby:

  • When she’s not sharpening her styling techniques, Barby is probably hanging out with her husband, Ricardo, and their two children, Ricky and Regina, watching movies, cooking, shopping, or dancing!

  • Her dream wedding locale is Barcelona.

  • If she could style any celebrity, it would be J-Lo. To Barby, Jennifer Lopez is absolutely gorgeous (and who wouldn’t want to have a body like hers at her age?).

  • Barby’s favorite facial features to emphasize are eyes and eyelashes.

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