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Everything You Need To Know About Getting a Hair and Makeup Trial

First things first… What is a Trial?

A trial is a dedicated time, scheduled before the day of the event, for you to try out the hair and makeup style and look they are hoping to achieve on the day of the event.

Trials are most commonly used for Brides before their Wedding Day!

A Trial allows you to experiment with your favorite hairstyle and makeup to make sure it’s exactly what you dream of for your wedding day!

It also helps our stylists know exactly what style you are going for and allows time for stylists to make adjustments and improvements if you aren’t 100% in love with the look. This way your big day goes as smoothly (and as stress free) as possible and you look your ABSOLUTE best!

Why should you get a hair and makeup trial?

We are strong believers that a trial shouldn’t just be a recommendation. We strongly suggest doing a trial to make sure you feel confident in your hair and makeup style on the day of.

Not to mention, many brides will coordinate their Bridal Pictures on the same day of their Hair and Makeup Trial. This allows the photographer to save some valuable time on the day of for other fun in the moment shots!

When to book your trial?

A trial can be booked months in advance, or in the weeks and days leading up to the event.

We recommend booking your trial 30-60 days before your event if possible. This way you have enough time to fully decide on the look you would like to try for the day of.

Of course, if you show up on wedding day with a whole new style in mind - our stylists can absolutely accommodate, but we won’t have the advantage of time to make as many adjustments if it’s not what you envisioned.

Who will be doing your trial?

We assign stylists 60 days before your event. Something important to note is, if you book your trial more than 60 days before your event, the stylist may not be the same on the day of the event. However, you can request the same stylist from your trial for an additional fee.

Where will my trial be?

Hair and Makeup trials happen by appointment only at our office, 16990 Dallas Pkwy #107, Dallas TX

If you need our stylists on site for your trial, there is a travel fee of $50.


Is a trial run included with the bridal services I booked?

Trial runs are not included with booked bridal services, but are available for an additional fee. These appointments aren’t mandatory, but we do highly recommend them to ensure that you’re confident in the look we’ll be creating for your special event!

Ready to get all dolled up? Book an appointment and get your bridal party ready for the big day with The Styling Stewardess now!

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