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3 Simple Steps to the Most Flawless Mother of the Bride Makeup

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It’s finally time for your once-little girl to become the beautiful bride she’s always dreamed of, and you want to look nothing short of flawless for the wedding photos that will last a lifetime! Here are our 3 simple steps to achieving THE most flawless mother of the bride makeup that you can look forward to, and back for all the years to come!

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Step 1) Find Inspiration

1. Get on Pinterest and start looking for inspiration that speaks to you! Remember, what works for another mother doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same way for you, so make sure to reach out to our stylists and do not attempt your own makeup last minute. Gather as many reference images as you can so that your stylist has the best idea of what you want, and what you can achieve.

Step 2) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

2. Moisturizing is a crucial step of your daily skin care routine, so do it often and consistently! You’ll want to do this at least 6 weeks in advance so that you give your skin plenty of time to absorb these nutrients for the most fresh and radiant skin. You know what they say, makeup only enhances the goodness that’s underneath, so treat your skin!

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Step 3) Give your skin time to heal

3. Beware of skin treatments a month or two right before the wedding! If you have a severe reaction to any facials or wrinkle & laser treatments like dermabrasion, sometimes it can take up to 6 WEEKS or more to fully recover from side effects like blotching, redness, swelling, and sensitivity. Give your skin plenty of time to heal and schedule any treatments well before the big day.

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If you want to see how you might look on the day of, we ALWAYS recommend booking a hair and makeup trial in advance so you can be stress free and soak up every moment of the wedding day with the bride-to-be! At the end of the day, don’t stress too much about the day of glam - because you’re in good hands!

Ready to get all dolled up? Book an appointment for your hair and makeup trial or book The Styling Stewardess for your big day now!


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