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Bridal Makeup: Facts and Fiction

Your wedding day is a red carpet event, and as the celebrity of your wedding day, you deserve the best and most beautiful bridal makeup. Before breaking out the makeup brushes, though, let's break down a few facts and fiction about bridal makeup.

Fiction: Bridal makeup is just heavy makeup

A common misconception about bridal makeup is that it’s just normal makeup made to look heavier or more dramatic with the addition of a few extra layers. To avoid cake-face or a stage makeup look, we focus on creating a look that's A.) Durable B.) Beautiful on camera and beneath stark lights, and C.) Artistically applied to enhance your natural features.

Fact: Professional bridal makeup enhances the look of your portraits

From prepping your skin to sealing your makeup, everything about our application process is designed with the camera in mind. Expertly applied makeup looks fantastic in pictures and on film, ensuring that you pop no matter what background you're positioned in front of.

Fiction: You don’t need a makeup trial

Trials are the best way to iron out any kinks before your wedding day, and will give you a clear understanding of exactly what your makeup will look like on the day it matters most. Ideally, you will be able to schedule a trial on the day of a dress fitting to ensure that there are no surprises on the day-of.

Fact: You need to trust your makeup artist

The key to perfect bridal makeup is communication. Once you find an artist that you trust, articulate exactly what you want to look and feel like on your wedding day so that you're on the same page. Pro tip: Pictures are worth a thousand words, so if you have trouble describing your ideal look, turn to Pinterest.


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