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Trendy Bridal Updos

Kaitlynd DeWolfe

Opal & Onyx Photography

Updos are one of the most popular hairstyles for brides, some brides say it’s because they want to show off the back of the dress, allow some breathability, and achieve a classic bridal look. From an elegant chignon to an intricately braided bun, updos are extremely versatile in form and fashion, and look absolutely stunning on almost all face shapes. Take inspiration from some of our most requested updos that you might like for your own big wedding day!

Maddie Van Hoef Deskins

MSM Portraits

Curly or wavy updos adds dimension and allure:

Morgan Moore

Honey & Wildfire Photography

Erin Byrne

Ellen Ashton Photography

Ellen Ashton Photography

For the gorgeous bride with a braided updo:

Courtney Hendricks

Ashley Farr Photography

Chignons for that elegant vibe:

Libby Aldridge

Mackenzie Reiter Photography

Diana Scharffenberger

A Nomadic Love Photography

Stephanie Church

John Cain Photography

Emma Roquemore

Emily Chappell Photography

Danielle Digeralamo

f8 Photography

Savannah Fraid

Cotton Wood Photography

Caroline Smith

Jennifer Yarbro (Photographer)

Megan Foreman

Becca Lea Photography

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