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Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

Photo: Emily Chappell Photography

They say if a groom wants to know how his wife will look in 30 years, look at her mother. Pre-wedding coordination affects not only the bride and the bridesmaids, but also the mom! The mother of the bride is a very special key figure in almost every wedding, so even the hair and makeup needs to be on point with her entire ensemble. Here are the top three styles that moms tend to choose from on wedding day to see her little girl all grown up!

Photo: Casey Jay Benson Photography

Short hair? Long hair? Worry not, there is a style for every length and hair type, and everything in between! Depending on the style of the wedding down to even the frame of your face, different hairstyles work for different moms. And in some cases, a similar hairstyle that complements (and not overshadows) your beloved daughter with just a hint of resemblance is the way to go so that there is no doubt in anyone’s minds that y’all are related!

Photo: Joy Neville Photography (IG & FB: @joynevillephotography)


This style is the perfect middle ground for those who are torn between up or down and shows off your hair while keeping it directly off your face. With added volume in the bouffant or the upper part in the back, the end result is a breathtaking partial updo. The half-up half-curly down makes the perfect combo for those who want a more lovely, youthful, but still sophisticated ensemble.

Great for accentuating beautifully thick, long hair, these cascading curls will be the highlight of your final look. While this magical hairstyle gives strong princess vibes on a bride, it transforms a bride’s mother from a mom to a queen.

Photo: Jamie Huffman Photography (IG & FB: @jamiehuffmanphotography)

For the mom with short hair:

Or for the mom with short straight hair!

Or straight-up (err, curly down) long hair!

For more half-up and half-down styles you can check out our other blog here!

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Going for an elegant, refined impression? Say no more: opt for the elegant bun or chignon! If you normally keep your hair up, or prefer to have as much of it off your face and neck, both the bun and chignon updos easily check those boxes. Not to mention, for long and medium length hair this especially is “updo-able”!

A bun or ponytail updo allows for greater emphasis on a person’s face, while still making an exquisite statement from the back. Chignons, or an intricate knot or coil at the back of the hair, add a more alluring and complex depth with the option of voluminous height at the crown to create a more youthful look. Accentuate either style with luscious curled locks to frame your jawline or glossy bangs over the forehead. If you’re wearing a dress that’s off-the-shoulder, this updo will complement the exposed shoulders and clavicles for that sultry highlight. Perfect for long hair to medium length and women of shorter stature, these styles speak to great lengths of a classy and refined poise!

For the mom with the chignon or low bun:

Photo: Jennifer Razote Photography

For the mom with the elegantly curled ponytail:


Look and feel glamorous with all of your hair down and expertly curled to last the whole wedding day long! Particularly great for shorter than shoulder length hair or longer hair lengths to maximize the coil complexity, this breathtaking style will bring out the blush and excitement, even if the rest of the ensemble and attire is more on the simple side.

Photo: Stephanie Rose Photography

You can even decide to go a bit more low-key with gentle natural waves if that’s more like your personality, or if you want all the more eyes on the precious bride! No matter what, you’ll always be the proud mama rooting for your child from afar.

Photo: Kimberly Harrell (IG & FB: @kimberlyharrellphotos)


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