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Best Half-Up Half-Down Styles In 2021

Lindsey McCormack H & N Photography

Can’t decide between an updo or all down? Settle for both and go with the half-up half-down! Brides tend to grow out their hair before the big day, so it’s no wonder that the half-up half-down are one of the most prolific hairstyles to wear for weddings. With cascading locks flowing from an intricately woven braid or knot, this is THE hairstyle to wear for your very special wedding day!

Caroline Johnson

The Wood’s Wedding Photography

Wispy curls on long, breathtaking ringlets like these bring a sense of allure and elegance:

Bianca Ward

Stephanie Rose Photography

Alexis Ruger

Opal & Onyx Photography

Gorgeous braids like these that wrap around the crown of your head make for a stunning queen-like vibe.


Sami Kathryn Photography

Tara Thompson

Hauser Photography

Marla Mauricio

Beatbox Portraits

Alli O’ Brien

Mae Rachelle Photography

AR Photography

Laura Albarracin

Ushna Khan Photography

Arko (bride)

Tyler + Lindsey (photo)

Lindsey McCormack

H & N Photography

Kelsey Kistler

Elisabeth Carol Photography

Rachel Lee

Emily Chappell Photography

Ashton Terry

Casey Jay Benson Photography

Sarah Smock

Lindsay Davenport Photography

Knots are one of the most versatile options that come in so many different designs, so find inspiration in one of these stunning looks!

Rachel Meagers

Ellen Ashton Photography

Short & stunning more your style? Try these short hairstyles that are oh-so-elegant! After all, they are nothing short of bringing out a woman’s inner elegance and grace.

Miranda Cordero Hogue

Max Marlow & Co

Sage Coralli

Bri Costello Photography

Ready to get all dolled up? Book an appointment and get your bridal party ready for the big day with The Styling Stewardess now!

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