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False Eyelashes, True Beauty

If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyelashes must be pretty important, too. And most of us don’t have naturally sky-high lashes.

One way to add a little extra "umph" to your bridal makeup is by applying false eyelashes. Whether you're going for a more dramatic look or just seeking to enhance your natural beauty, lashes are the golden ticket.

For the wake-up-and-walk-out-the-door types who wear little to no makeup, we recommend individual lashes or clusters. These will still add flair, but with a more natural look and comfortable feel.

On the other hand, if you're a fashionista who wears makeup on a regular basis, we suggest going with a fuller strip lash to add a glamour and a flawless finishing touch.

For both types of makeup-wearers, here are a few reasons why those extra lashes are worth their weight in glue.

Bambi Eyes

Blue, brown, green, or somewhere in between, long lashes widen your eyes, making them seem larger. Let us help you achieve the that doe-eye effect—perfect for staring into your groom’s eyes at the altar in the presence of many witnesses.

Starry Eyes

Lashes are a great way to complete the bridal look, just in time for pictures. You (and the camera) will love the brightening effect faux lashes have on your eyes.

Raccoon eyes

Whether it’s while walking down the aisle, during the vow exchange, or while hugging your dad after the ceremony, chances are that at some point you will shed a happy tear or two on your wedding day. Avoid the horde of bridesmaids scrambling for Kleenex to wipe away your smudges before the reception. The beauty of false eyelashes is two-fold: they're long lasting, and there's no chance of runny black mascara streaming down your rosy cheeks when the waterworks start.

In this case, it’s good to lash out on your wedding day.


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