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No More Orange Tans: How to Achieve a Bronze Glow With Our Healthy Tanning Alternative

From your cat taking a stroll across the keyboard during your virtual job interview to your friends forcing you to sing karaoke against your will, life is full of unavoidably embarrassing occasions. But...there is (almost) nothing more embarrassing than being called out for a “fake” tan.

While we can’t control the occasional discovery of lipstick on our teeth at the end of the day, thankfully there is no need to fear feeling shame after a spray tan again. By using solutions with natural ingredients, providing meticulous training to all our technicians, and mastering the right techniques, our team is more than ready to give your skin a gorgeous post-vacation glow that will have everyone asking which island you visited—not what product you used.


Tanning alternatives have been evolving for years. While sunkissed skin is always gorgeous, orange skin has never been in. As science and medicine have advanced, it has become pretty impossible to ignore the fact that sun exposure leads to health problems and premature aging.

When self-tanning agents first arrived on the scene, many of us tried each new product with bated breath. Year after year, we’d get our hopes up with every new faux tanning product claiming to have finally mastered the natural tone. But year after year...with orange palms and weird blotches...we were left with our hearts broken. Our wallets lighter. And more than a few Instagram tags to hide.

Years of below-average booth tans, regrettable Playboy bunny tanning stickers, and flashbacks to high school homecoming looks gone wrong had left us with tanning trust issues, no doubt. But our persistence finally paid off.

Norvell’s organic products range in intensity and include various solutions specifically designed to complement different undertones. The perfect sun-kissed shimmer simply can’t be achieved with a one-size-fits-all product, which is why we’re so excited that Norvell gives us the ability to combine products and create tailored tans for every individual.


We offer spray tans to ensure our clients achieve the confidence that comes with youthful skin and a healthy glow. Harsh chemicals and manufactured ingredients would completely defeat the purpose. Why should we take the time to avoid damage from the sun’s UV rays only to turn around and coat ourselves in questionable products packed with dehydrating chemicals?

We are all about healthy skin. All the products we use are free of parabens, preservatives, and any other damaging ingredients. With the moisture-boosting benefits of eco-friendly ingredients, our Norvell solutions safely provide a sunkissed glow that mother nature will appreciate, too.

One of our favorite features of Norvell’s professional solutions? They are actually great for the skin. Not only does spray tanning mean we don’t have to choose between sun-kissed or supple skin, but Norvell’s tanning solutions contain highly concentrated amounts of antioxidant blends that actually deter and prevent signs of premature aging. YES, PLEASE.

These fast-drying solutions aren’t thick or sticky which makes it super easy to avoid any discoloration, uneven patches, and spotty skin in general. Norvell’s natural ingredients combined with our professional training and airbrush application guarantees that your tan will be even, your tone will be natural, and your skin will look fabulous, flawless, and anything but fake.


No matter how “easy-to-use” at-home products claim to be, you’re more likely to look frazzled than fabulous after spending hours fidgeting in your bathroom with a self-tan kit. An effortless glow is always enhanced by a glowing demeanor, which means the process is just as important as the final result. When you put your tan into the hands of trained professionals, you can relax and enjoy getting your glow on.

The perfect pigment can do a lot for your look, but part of the appeal of a glorious glow-up is the free and easy aesthetic it provides. Following an airbrush tanning session with our stylists, you’ll enjoy a perfect glow and a relaxed demeanor that’s rivaled only by an actual day at the beach. Who DOESN'T want that kind of confidence on the day of their wedding or special event?

Ready to start finding your summer shimmer and get a tan that evokes confidence without looking counterfeit? Contact us today to find out about our packages and book an appointment with our amazing team!


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