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Stylist Snapshots: Meet Brittany

Brittany never knew that being Katy Perry’s body double in commercials and TV would lead her to the styling industry...but here she is!

While Brittany always enjoyed trying out different hair and makeup looks and even created event styles for friends while attending Arizona State University, it wasn't until she moved to Los Angeles, that her former hobby became part of her career. While on set in the entertainment industry, she was able to observe and learn from the best hair and makeup artists in the world.

When she's not styling, Brittany enjoys putting her Theater Arts degree to good use by continuing to act in theater and film roles. She can also frequently be found enjoying the outdoors.

Fun facts about Brittany:

  • She's lived in 10 different states (and counting)

  • Her dream celebrity client is Kristen Wiig—how much fun would they have together?

  • Her styling specialty are curls and bohemian updos

  • When doing makeup, she loves to emphasize eyes (they're the window to the soul, after all)

  • Brittany would love for a client to book a wedding in Tahiti


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