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Stylist Snapshots: Meet Meghan

An avid traveler, Meghan’s journey from her home state of Pennsylvania to her current residence in Texas included several stops along the way—including one in our nation’s capital. After pursuing a professional dance career, Meghan arrived in Washington, D.C., and began a career in the beauty industry that has spanned five years (and counting).

Meghan has always had a natural talent for doing hair and makeup, which she sees as a creative outlet that gives her an opportunity to express herself. Starting her career in a spa allowed her to work with a wide variety of clients and served as a training ground for her future career as a stylist with The Styling Stewardess. A lover of liquid highlighters, Meghan focuses on natural, skin-centric makeup application to ensure a perfect foundation for any look or style!

Fun facts about Meghan:

  • When she isn’t styling, Meghan enjoys spending time with her husband and son, being outdoors, and experiencing new cultures.

  • Hiking is one of her favorite activities—in any city she visits, she tries to find the best hiking trails to help her break a sweat!

  • Her dream celebrity client is Jessica Alba or Margot Robbie—both women rock unique makeup looks while staying true to their personal style and natural beauty, which Meghan loves.

  • If she could style an event in any location, she would choose Greece or Italy.

  • Her styling specialty is big voluminous curls (she LOVES them).

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