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Stylist Snapshots: Meet Sharon

Sharon is an experienced stylist who has been pursuing the art of beauty for more than 30 years! Her journey began at the Cosmetology Career Center of Dallas and most recently led her to come aboard with the Styling Stewardess crew.

A fan of classic hairstyles, Sharon loves adding volume and texture to create a refined, simple, and elegant look that accentuates a client's natural beauty. When it comes to makeup, she never tires of accentuating eyes and doesn’t choose favorites between subtle and dramatic makeup


Since Sharon loves crafting delicious meals and discovering new restaurants, it’s no surprise

that her dream client is celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis. Her dream styling location is the

same place her favorite chef comes from—Italy! When she’s not busy watching Food Network or

creating the perfect look for a special event, the mom of four can be found enjoying time with

her family and being “YaYa-Lollie” to her amazing grandchildren.

Fun facts about Sharon:

  • She is the oldest member of the Stylist Stewardess team (but oh so young at heart).

  • She is the second youngest sibling in a family of 10 children from Northeast Iowa.

  • She loves utilizing hair extensions to add length, volume, texture, and color.

  • She’s the mother of three daughters and one son who also happen to be her best friends!

  • When Sharon’s not styling, she’s enjoying the simple things in life—being a steward of her family, creating and cooking meals, and going out to discover new ethnic food restaurants.


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