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What You Need to Know About Dry Shampoo

Written by Stylist Amie

Photo: F8 Studio

If you have ears, you have heard all of the people raving about the wonders of dry shampoo! Comments like, “I couldn’t LIVE without it!!!” or “At all times, my hair is made up of 90% dry shampoo” or “Dry shampoo is life!” have probably made you curious about this wonder-working product. Each time I work a wedding, there’s at least one conversation about dry shampoo! It always amazes me when I hear some of the girls we’re working on mention that they couldn’t get dry shampoo to work for them. It’s time to set the record straight, ladies!


To make things simple, we’re going to discuss one brand in particular that I have deemed my tried and true form of dry holy grail, if you will. BATISTE! Not only is this my favorite brand because it JUST WORKS, it’s also the most cost-effective option! There are many different selections of Batiste dry shampoo, but the one I believe works best is the original formula in the smaller can.

Photo: Taylor Salerno Photography

If you have darker hair, you may be concerned about the white cast that dry shampoo leaves on your richly-colored locks. It can leave the “forbidden” white cast, but have no fear. I have solutions! The best way to avoid this malfunction is to first apply your dry shampoo before bed. By the next morning, it usually has properly soaked up all of the accumulated oils! If you still experience a tinge of white, just start massaging the dry shampoo into your scalp in those specific areas, then brush through your hair like normal.

Not only does this dry shampoo absorb the oils you produce, it also gives you amazing second, third, and (if you're lucky) sometimes even fourth day hair with great texture and hold!

Photo: Gray Door Photography

If Batiste isn’t your fave, just keep trying new brands. We all have such different hair and different preferences when it comes to the products we use, and I promise there is one out there that will work for you. Gone are the days of washing our hair every single day. Stay consistent with spacing out your washings, and your hair will become more accustomed to the distance!

Photo: Gaby Caskey Photography

Less time spent washing and fixing our hair means more time for FUN and getting things done! So jump on the bandwagon already...dry shampoo is for everyone!

Photo: Havi Frost Photography


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