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Marfa Mania: The travel team’s visit to West Texas

What makes a three-hour drive to Marfa worth it? How about performing a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader sideline routine on hotel patio tables? And of course . . . the glamorous photos!

Kaleigh and the team initially fell in love with the charming West Texas landscape of Marfa, Texas after working a wedding there in March. There are many amazing things to do in Dallas and beyond. Inspired by the simple lifestyle, Kaleigh chose Marfa for the travel team's trip because it promotes community.

But what is a stylist crew to do in hotel rooms with no phones or TVs? Other than Holly’s poolside dance lessons, there was nothing else to do but simply enjoy time getting to know one another on a deeper level. Marfa was the perfect place to deepen the bonds between coworkers and friends. The updated headshots and group shots were just a bonus!

Familiar with the West Texas vibe, Haley Rynn Ringo Photography took the group shots for the stylist crew. She nailed the look Kaleigh was shooting for, making each girl look and feel comfortable in front of the camera. She also made a fun addition to the group, even participating in the dance routine!

The stylists’ time in Marfa was just like their personalities—entertaining! While each stylist brings a unique personality to the team and comes from a different home life (some are moms, some are single, some are newly married), they all have one thing that unites them: The Styling Stewardess.

It’s important on any occasion to have a team of stylists who enjoy each other, enjoy life, and enjoy what they do! If there’s one thing that the stylists’ trip to Marfa proved, it was this: When they’re together, it's guaranteed to be good times and good laughs.


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