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Mother of the Groom Hairstyles

Your son is getting married, and you need to be the trendiest mother of the groom at the wedding! The best way to achieve this is not the dress, but your hair. Leave the dress spotlight to your daughter-in-law, and spice up your appearance with a stunning style that will make an unforgettable and lasting impression as the proud mama of the groom.

Whether you go for the half-up half-curly-down or the elegant braided bun, the goal is to find the sweet spot between what you have and what to rock! Let’s face it: the mother of the groom is often overlooked, so beautiful updos or partial updos will keep a vibrant, youthful, and elegant look for the special day!

Photo: Stephanie Brazzle Photography


The first most important thing to ask yourself is: do you normally keep your hair up, or down? The best hairstyle isn’t to suck it up and go with something out of the norm for the sake of the glam, but to find a sweet balance to your dream hairstyle and your everyday style preferences. For instance, if you keep it up in a high ponytail, you can choose to wear a sweeping high ponytail updo. This way, you look and feel effortlessly glamorous. If the answer is down, you can opt for luscious cascading all-out curls, or even a half-up half-curls down partial updo.

Photo: Carlie Jean Photography


Do you have short hair? Long hair? Medium length? Longer, thicker hair means a more voluminous bun, braid, chignon, or any other updo in between.

Photo: Jennifer Razote Photography

You can still very much don a fancy bun updo with short hair, especially with extensions (that’s an option ladies)! A sleek and chic bun is also very classy and elegant if you prefer to keep your hair up in an updo, but have less volume to work with.

Or you can let loose those gorgeous waves!

So while a stunning updo will captivate family and friends, it’s important to make sure that your comfort is well accounted for before you decide on a style! Nothing is worse than a hairstyle that doesn’t stay up on that special wedding day, or one that doesn’t feel like you.

Photo: Chard Photo


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