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Stylist Snapshots: Meet Allison

Running home from school, slapping on mom’s bright red lipstick, staring at yourself in the mirror...I think every beauty lover can relate to the moment Allison's fascination with hair and makeup first took flight!

Allison has been styling professionally for two years now, but has enjoyed hair and makeup for as long as she can remember. She credits beauty gurus on YouTube for providing the inspiration that helped turn her passion into a profession. These days, Allison puts her love for styling into practice every day as a member of the Styling Stewardess team! When she isn't beautifying a client for a wedding or event, she loves to spend time with her six-year-old daughter and family, go shopping, discover new restaurants, and enjoy a good movie​ at home​.

Fun facts about Allison:

  • She is a huge fan of Italian food.

  • She'll take any opportunity to add​ to her over-the-top collection of favorite Sephora products.

  • Her dream destination for a wedding or event is Greece—a common theme among our team. Any takers?

  • She's known for enhancing the eyes and making her clients' eye color pop.

  • If Allison could style any celebrity, she would choose Beyoncé—yes, please!—because she’s beautiful and could pull off any look.

Have you set the date for your wedding, special event, or senior portraits? Get in touch with our team here to book hair and makeup for your big day!


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