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Stylist Snapshots: Meet Amy

Although she studied Communications at Howard Payne University, all it took was one day of doing makeup for a friend’s bridal party to convince Amy that a full-time position in the beauty industry was the perfect fit for her.

Amy met Styling Stewardess owner Kaleigh while they were traveling the world together as flight attendants. While Amy is still a flight attendant, she jumped on the opportunity to join the styling crew and hasn’t looked back since. The Styling Stewardess brand is something that lines up with two things Amy loves to do—styling and traveling the world.

If Amy’s not day-dreaming about styling Sofia Vergara (those bold facial features!), she’s probably DIY-ing, shopping, rollerblading, or sewing amid the company of the coolest cats in town, Zoey and Zedd.

Fun facts about Amy:

  • She frequently works beach weddings

  • Her favorite facial feature to emphasize when doing makeup are the eyes because that’s what everyone looks at first...but lips are a close runner-up

  • Her hair styling specialty is soft, wavy curls—they look great on everyone

  • She loves that braids are currently trending

  • When she doesn’t have time to wash, dry, and style her hair, Amy’s go-to hairstyle involves dry shampoo with a messy braid pulled back into a low bun


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