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Stylist Snapshots: Meet Gretchen

Born and raised a Texas girl, Gretchen ​moved to New York to study Art History and French at Syracuse University. After working for an auction house in Manhattan where she specialized in luxury accessories, ​Gretchen made the decision to dust off her boots and go back to her roots in Texas.

Leaving her auction house days behind, Gretchen embraced a​ career change that led her down a different sort of​ artistic ​avenue. Her switch to full-time styling wasn't necessarily a surprise, though. Gretchen's friends and family always asked her to do their hair and makeup while she was growing up, a trend that continued when she joined a sorority in college. We were thrilled to welcome her to the Styling Stewardess team in 2017!

Fun facts about Gretchen:

  • When she isn't putting the finishing touches on an effortless updo, Gretchen enjoys spending time with friends and family (including her sweet pup Bizzy), painting and drawing, attending French club meetings, and volunteering her time as a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

  • Gretchen’s hair styling specialty is a romantic, messy updo.

  • Her dream destination for a wedding or event is somewhere filled with rich history, like Western Europe. The idea of contrasting the architecture, history, and culture with a contemporary wedding sounds magical!

  • A trend she’s loving in the beauty world is dewy skin that glows from within, without having to pile on highlighter—she still loves a good sparkle, though!

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