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The Beauty of a Spray Tan Trial Run

Most brides don’t want to look like a Cheeto on their wedding day. (Just stating the obvious here.) And that, friends, is why it's so important to schedule a trial run for your spray tan.

Bachelorette party spray tans by The Styling Stewardess

You might think that you can wing it and come out okay on your wedding day...and maybe you will. But, to be on the safe side, we recommend scheduling a spray tan right a day or two before your hair and makeup trial run with us. While you're at it, why not book a package deal and make it a group outing with your bridesmaids? Two birds, one stone. You know the drill!

The goal of a spray tan trial run is to avoid three things on your wedding day: a less-than-natural hue, splotches, and fading. Determining the right color and formulation of your spray tan in advance could save you from an uneven skin tone (and bronzer bleeding on your wedding dress).

Keep in mind that no two tans are exactly alike. Your best friend Suzy may hold a tan for two weeks while yours fades in half that time. Trial runs are a great way to find out exactly how your skin responds to a spray tan.

Our hope is that the week before it’s time to say “I do,” you will be a spray tan expert. Leave the anxiety at home, because thanks to your trial run with us, you’ll know exactly which shade to request and what day to schedule your tan for optimal color on your wedding day.

Natural bridal spray tans by The Styling Stewardess

There may be a lot of last-minute To Dos around the time of your wedding, but we hope you take comfort in knowing at least three things are guaranteed to be flawless: your hair, your makeup, and your spray tan.


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